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acer scanwit 2720s
benq 3300v
benq 4300u
benq 4300uecb
benq 5450u
benq 6400ut
benq 7400ut
benq s2w 5000e
benq s2w 5300u
benq scanwit 2720s
benq scanwit 2740s
brother a4 desktop wireless scanner 24ppm scan
brother ads2100
brother ds600
brother ds620 mobile document scanner
brother dsmobile 700d a4 colour mobile scanner
busbi film negative and slide scanner
c pen 10
c pen cpen 800c
c pen cpen600c
c pen pen scanner c pen 20 usb
c technologies c pen 600c
c technologies c pen 800c
canon 2400uf
canon 3200f
canon 4400f
canon 5200f
canon 676u
canon 8600f
canon canoscan 3000 ex
canon canoscan 3000f
canon canoscan 4200f
canon canoscan 5000f
canon canoscan 5600f
canon canoscan 8000f
canon canoscan 8400f
canon canoscan 8800f
canon canoscan 9000f mkii scanner flatbed
canon canoscan 9000f
canon canoscan 9900f
canon canoscan 9950f
canon canoscan cs9900f
canon canoscan fs2710
canon canoscan lide 110
canon canoscan lide 20
canon canoscan lide 25
canon canoscan lide 30
canon canoscan lide 35
canon canoscan lide 50
canon canoscan lide 500f
canon canoscan lide 700f
canon canoscan lide 80
canon canoscan lide 90
canon canoscan lide500f
canon cd4070nw
canon cr190i
canon csd646u
canon csn640p
canon d1230u
canon d1230uf
canon d1250
canon d1250u2
canon d1250u2f
canon d2400
canon d660u
canon dr 1210c
canon dr 2080c
canon dr 3080cii
canon dr 4010c
canon dr 4580u
canon dr 5020
canon dr01210c
canon dr1210c
canon dr2010c
canon dr2010m
canon dr2020u
canon dr2050c
canon dr2510c
canon dr2510m
canon dr2580
canon dr2580c
canon dr3010c
canon dr3060
canon dr3080c
canon dr3080cii
canon dr3080ii
canon dr4010c
canon dr5010c
canon dr6010c
canon dr6030c
canon dr6050c
canon dr7090c
canon dr7550c
canon dr9050c
canon drc125
canon drc130
canon drm140
canon drm160
canon fs4000us
canon lide 100
canon lide 110
canon lide 200
canon lide 210
canon lide 60
canon lide 600f
canon lide 70
canon lide5600f
canon lide60
canon n1240u
canon n1250u2
canon n650u
canon n670u
canon p150
canon p215
canon pr 200s
canon scanfront 220
canon scanfront 220p
canon scanfront 300
canon scanfront 300p
cardscan personal usb 2 0 business card scanner
compaq 1670
corex 600c
corex cs a04250 cd
corex cs a06060 dom
corex cs a06160 int
corex cso 60360 int
corex executive 660c v6
dabs 1200u
dane elec zpen digital pen
data logic dll5510 m1
data logic dll6010 m1
docuport docupen
dymo cardscan team
epson 1250 photo
epson 1640su
epson 1640xl pro
epson 1640xl
epson 1650 perfection
epson 1650photo
epson 1670 perfection
epson 2450 photo
epson 3170 photo
epson 3170p
epson expression 10000xl pro
epson expression 10000xl
epson expression 1600 pro
epson expression 1680
epson expression 1680pro
epson f3200
epson gt 1500 flatbed scanner
epson gt s85n scanner
epson gt10000+ pro
epson gt10000+
epson gt1500
epson gt15000 pro
epson gt15000
epson gt20000
epson gt20000n pro
epson gt2500 plus
epson gt2500
epson gt2500n
epson gt30000
epson gt30000n
epson gts50
epson gts50n
epson gts55
epson gts55n
epson gts80
epson gts80n
epson gts85
epson gts85n
epson p2480 photo
epson p4490
epson perfection 1250
epson perfection 1260
epson perfection 1660
epson perfection 1670 photo
epson perfection 2400
epson perfection 2480
epson perfection 2580 photo
epson perfection 2580
epson perfection 3200
epson perfection 3490
epson perfection 3590 photo
epson perfection 4180 photo
epson perfection 4490 photo
epson perfection 4870 photo
epson perfection 4990 photo
epson perfection photo 1260
epson perfection v10
epson perfection v200
epson perfection v30
epson perfection v300 en
epson perfection v300
epson perfection v330
epson perfection v350
epson perfection v37
epson perfection v370 photo scanner
epson perfection v500
epson perfection v600
epson perfection v700 photo
epson perfection v700
epson perfection v750 photo
epson perfection v750 pro
epson v100
epson v370
epson v600 perfection usb photo scanner
epson workforce ds 30
epson workforce ds 50000 a3 document flatbed
epson workforce ds 50000n scanner
epson workforce ds30
epson workforce ds50000
epson workforce ds50000n
epson workforce ds60000
epson workforce ds60000n
epson workforce ds70000
epson workforce ds70000n
fuji fv 10d
fujitsu fi 4110cu
fujitsu fi 4120c
fujitsu fi 4220c
fujitsu fi 6130
fujitsu fi4340c
fujitsu fi5015c
fujitsu fi5110c
fujitsu fi5530c
fujitsu fi5530c2
fujitsu fi5950 pro
fujitsu fi6010n
fujitsu fi60f
fujitsu fi6110
fujitsu fi6130
fujitsu fi6130z
fujitsu fi6140
fujitsu fi6140z
fujitsu fi6230
fujitsu fi6230z
fujitsu fi6420z
fujitsu fi6670a
fujitsu fi6770
fujitsu fi6770a
fujitsu iscanner fi 6010n document scanner
fujitsu m3091dc
fujitsu m3092dc
fujitsu m3097dg
fujitsu n1800
fujitsu s1100
fujitsu scanpartner 10c
fujitsu scanpartner 600c
fujitsu scanpartner 620c
fujitsu scansnap ix500 deluxe scanner
fujitsu scansnap ix500 scanner
fujitsu scansnap ix500
fujitsu scansnap n1800 nwk scanner dpx adf
fujitsu scansnap s1300 deluxe
fujitsu scansnap s1300
fujitsu scansnap s1300i
fujitsu scansnap s1500 for mac
fujitsu scansnap s1500
fujitsu scansnap s1500m
fujitsu scansnap s300
fujitsu scansnap s300m
fujitsu scansnap s500
fujitsu scansnap s510m
genius colorpage hr6x
genius colorpage hr7x
genius colorpage hr8
genius colorpage vivid 1200xe
genius sf600
genius vivid pro iii
hewlett packard 3570
hewlett packard 3570c
hewlett packard 3970
hewlett packard 9100c
hewlett packard 9200c
hewlett packard designjet 4200
hewlett packard g2410
hewlett packard hp digital sender 9100c
hewlett packard hp digital sender 9250c
hewlett packard hp scanjet 300 flatbed scanner
hewlett packard hp scanjet 3690
hewlett packard hp scanjet 3690c
hewlett packard hp scanjet 3800 photo
hewlett packard hp scanjet 4370 photo
hewlett packard hp scanjet 4600
hewlett packard hp scanjet 4670
hewlett packard hp scanjet 5500c
hewlett packard hp scanjet 5530
hewlett packard hp scanjet 5550c
hewlett packard hp scanjet 5590 digital flatbed scanner
hewlett packard hp scanjet 7650
hewlett packard hp scanjet g3110 photo scanner flatbed scanner
hewlett packard hp scanjet g4010 photo flatbed scanner
hewlett packard hp scanjet g4050 flatbed photo scanner
hewlett packard hp scanjet n6310 document flatbed scanner
hewlett packard hp scanjet5400c
hewlett packard onetouch 8700
hewlett packard photosmart 1200
hewlett packard photosmart s20
hewlett packard scanjet 2200c
hewlett packard scanjet 2400
hewlett packard scanjet 2400c
hewlett packard scanjet 3400c
hewlett packard scanjet 3500
hewlett packard scanjet 4500c
hewlett packard scanjet 4570c
hewlett packard scanjet 4600c
hewlett packard scanjet 4600p
hewlett packard scanjet 4670vp
hewlett packard scanjet 4850
hewlett packard scanjet 4890
hewlett packard scanjet 5470c
hewlett packard scanjet 5490c
hewlett packard scanjet 5530c
hewlett packard scanjet 5590
hewlett packard scanjet 5590c
hewlett packard scanjet 5590p
hewlett packard scanjet 7400c
hewlett packard scanjet 7450c
hewlett packard scanjet 7490c
hewlett packard scanjet 7650n
hewlett packard scanjet 8200
hewlett packard scanjet 8200gp
hewlett packard scanjet 8250
hewlett packard scanjet 8270
hewlett packard scanjet 8290
hewlett packard scanjet 8300
hewlett packard scanjet 8300gp
hewlett packard scanjet 8350
hewlett packard scanjet 8390
hewlett packard scanjet g2410
hewlett packard scanjet g2710
hewlett packard scanjet g3010
hewlett packard scanjet g3110
hewlett packard scanjet g4010
hewlett packard scanjet g4050
hewlett packard scanjet n6010
hewlett packard scanjet n6310
hewlett packard scanjet n8460
hewlett packard scanjet n9120
hewlett packard scanjet3530
hewlett packard scanjet3670
hewlett packard scanjet4400c
hewlett packard scanjet4470c
hewlett packard sj3530c
hewlett packard sj3770
hewlett packard sj4070
hewlett packard sj4370
hewlett packard sj5590
hp g2710
hp scanjet 1000 mobile scanner
hp scanjet 300
hp scanjet 5590
hp scanjet 5590p
hp scanjet 8270
hp scanjet enterprise 7000
hp scanjet enterprise 7000n
hp scanjet enterprise 7500
hp scanjet enterprise 8500 fn1
hp scanjet g2410
hp scanjet g2710
hp scanjet g4010
hp scanjet g4050
hp scanjet n56310
hp scanjet n6310
hp scanjet n6350
hp scanjet n9120
hp scanjet professional 3000
intermec 1800vt usb
intermec int1800sr w t
intermec scanplus 1800 vista
ion film2sd
ion slides 2
iris graphics iris irispen executive 6
iris graphics translator 6
iris iriscan pro office 3 scanner
iris irispen express 6 usb pen scanner
kensington pocketscan business card scanner
kodak 3500 duplex
kodak 3520d
kodak i1120 plus
kodak i1210 plus
kodak i1220
kodak i1310 plus
kodak i1320
kodak i1405
kodak i1410
kodak i1420
kodak i1440
kodak i2400
kodak i250
kodak i260
kodak i2600
kodak i30
kodak i40
kodak i4600
kodak scan station 500 scanner
kodak scanmate i1120
lacie lacie bluescan48
microtek 655035
microtek 655204
microtek 655242
microtek artixscan 1100
microtek artixscan 120tf
microtek artixscan 1800f
microtek artixscan 2020
microtek artixscan 2500
microtek artixscan 2500f
microtek artixscan 4000t
microtek artixscan 4000tf
microtek artixscan 4500t
microtek filmscan 35ii
microtek filmscan 3600
microtek scanmaker 4900
microtek scanmaker 5600 usb
microtek scanmaker 6100
microtek scanmaker 6800
microtek scanmaker 9600xl
microtek scanmaker 9800xl
microtek scanmaker x12 usl
minolta ad 10
minolta dimage scan dual ii
minolta dimage scan dual iv
minolta dimage scan dual lll
minolta dimage scan elite ii
minolta dimage scan multi pro
minolta dual scan 11 usb
minolta elite 5400 ii
minolta sc 200
minolta sc 210
mustek 2400cu plus
mustek 2448cu pro
mustek 2448ta pro
mustek 4800ta pro ii
mustek 9809700011
mustek a3 ep
mustek be@rpaw 1200cu plus
mustek be@rpaw 2400ta plus
mustek be@rpaw 4800 ta pro ii
mustek bear paw 2488ta+
mustek bearpaw 2448ta
mustek m1200
mustek paragon p3600
mustek pfa6l
mustek scan express 1248ub
mustek scanexpress 1248ub
mustek scanexpress a3 usb 1200 pro scanner
mustek scanexpress a3 usb 600 pro scanner
mustek scanexpress a3 usb
mustek scanexpress s40
mustek scanexpress s80
nikon coolscan 2000
nikon coolscan 5000ed
nikon coolscan 9000 ed
nikon coolscan iii
nikon coolscan iv
nikon coolscan ls4000ed
nikon coolscan ls50ed
nikon coolscan v
nikon ls5000
nikon ls8000
nikon ls8000ed
nikon sf210
non specific manufacturer plustek opticbook 3600
packard bell diamond 1200+
packard bell diamond
panasonic kvs1025c
panasonic kvs4065cw
panasonic kvs7075
pandigital panscn02eu
pb diamond 1200+
phonica digital pen
pixmania xambox scanner
planon docupen r710
planon docupen rc800
plustek 7200
plustek 7200i se
plustek 7200i
plustek ad450
plustek bookreader v100
plustek mobileoffice d28
plustek mobileoffice d600
plustek mobileoffice s400
plustek opticard 820
plustek opticbook 3600
plustek opticbook 4600
plustek opticbook a300
plustek opticfilm 7300
plustek opticfilm 7400
plustek opticfilm 7500i se
plustek opticfilm 7500i
plustek opticfilm 7600i ai
plustek opticfilm 7600i se film scanner
plustek opticpro a320
plustek pl1500
plustek pl7000
plustek ps286
plustek scanner opticslim m12 usb 1 1
plustek scanners opticfilm 7600i ai
plustek smart office pl806
plustek smart office ps256
plustek smartf50
plustek smartoffice pl2546
plustek smartoffice ps286 plus
plustek smartp60
plustek smartphoto f50 film scanner
plustek smartphoto p60
polaroid sprintscan 120
polaroid sprintscan 45 ultra
polaroid sprintscan4000pc
primax 2600u
reflecta digitdia 5000 silde film scanner usb 2 0
reflecta digitdia 5000
reflecta imagebox scanner
reflecta proscan 7200
reflecta rps7200
reflecta x4 scan
smartdisk ss2700
smartdisk ss3600
socket ls2104
socket ls4004
socket sl2701 112
symbol 4006
symbol cs2000
symbol ls 4004i
symbol spt1550
targus mini usb business card scanner
targus pa570e
telxon 5317ip
toshiba journe
trust 12388
trust 12389
trust 19200
trust 240th direct webscan
trust 240th easy webscan
umax 1200
umax astra 3450
umax astra 4400
umax astra 4450
umax astra 4500
umax astra 4600
umax astra 4700 usb 2
umax astra 6400 firewire
umax astra 6450 firewire
umax astra 6700
umax astra slim a4 usb
umax astraslim se
umax powerlook 1100 prepress + tranny
umax powerlook 1100 pro + tranny
umax powerlook 2100xl prepress
umax powerlook 2100xl pro
umax powerlook 3000 prepress
umax powerlook 3000 pro
umax powerlook iii
umax ultraslim
umax uma1100g
unitech ms100
visioneer 4400 usb
visioneer 4800usb
visioneer 8700
visioneer 9750
visioneer mobility cordless colour scanner
visioneer netscan 2000
visioneer netscan 4000
visioneer one touch 9000
visioneer one touch 9020
visioneer one touch 9450
visioneer onetouch 5800 usb
visioneer onetouch 7600 usb
visioneer onetouch 8920
visioneer onetouch 9650 usb
visioneer primascan 2600u
visioneer road warrior
visioneer strobe 500
visioneer strobe xp220
visioneer strobe xp400
visioneer strobe xp450 pdf
vistaquest fs500
vistaquest hs500
vistaquest ps501
wasp wdt2200
wizcom quicklink pen
worldcard 0001
xerox 2400
xerox 3115 fast sheefted duplex scanner
xerox 4800
xerox 7600
xerox card scanner 200
xerox documate 150
xerox documate 152
xerox documate 162
xerox documate 252
xerox documate 262
xerox documate 262i
xerox documate 3125
xerox documate 3220 document scanner
xerox documate 3220
xerox documate 3460
xerox documate 3640
xerox documate 3920
xerox documate 4440
xerox documate 515
xerox documate 632
xerox documate 700
xerox documate 742
xerox documate 752
xerox documate 765
xerox travel 100
xerox travel scanner 100
xerox xp200vrs
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