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VSmile Cinderella Software

VSmile Cinderella Software
V. Smile Baby Software - Noah` Ark

V. Smile Baby Software - Noah` Ark
XLN Addictive Drums is a Complete Drum Production Studio.

ekniks presents Breakmatic the 3rd installment to the Matic series.

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 47 - Breakbeat 3
Recorded exclusively in Spain this library captures a wealth of traditional and modern rhythms and f

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 46 - Flamenco
More down right dirty rawfunkindirtyassboogiebeats in Zero-Gs continuing journey to bring you the to

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 40 - Breakbeat 2
This sequel to the hugely successful award-winning NY Cutz has huge slabs of fat cut street-ready vi

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 39 - Hip Hop 2
A new generation of Raw-funkin-dirtyass-boogiebeats from Zero-G - original loops that mix old school

Sound Control ProSamples Vol 24 - Breakbeat
Bristol has long been associated with innovation in music - Massive Attack Portishead Tricky Goldie

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 23 - Trip Hop
Zero-G bring you a raw slice of Hip Hop from New York City. Dope Beats Tough Grooves Chillin Vibes a

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 22 - Hip Hop
Everything you need for serious Drum

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 21 - Drum and Bass 2
Simply the ultimate in house collections from Zero-G - featuring the very toughest house grooves (al

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 10 - House
A stunningly innovative sound library from Zero-G which utilises raw and organic sources to create r

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 09 - Future Beats 2
One of the most exquisite collections of vocal samples ever created recorded on location in India by

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 08 - World Vocals
Zero-G bring you Loops with masses of attitude to kick start your imagination Huge drum sounds

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 07 - Future Beats 1
A wild and powerful collection of tempo-grouped loops

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 06 - Experimental Grooves and FX
The first choice in Celtic Sample CDs! Zero-Gs Celtic features great performances and multisamples o

Time and Space Celtic
Zero-G and Xfonic present URBAN ELEMENTZ - over 1350 samples and 1.5Gb of the coolest freshest hip h

Time and Space Urban Elementz
Zero-G and Xfonic present Soundclash - over 1650 samples and 1.1Gb of the coolest freshest house and

Time and Space Soundclash
FIRESTORM is the ultimate Drum

Time and Space Firestorm
When it comes to DrumnBass The EZ Rollers need no introduction. One of the UKs premiere DnB producti

Time and Space EZ Rollers
Tekniks presents Trancematic a new collection of over 1100 license free samples for Trance producers

Time and Space Trancematic
Ghetto Grooves 2 brings you the hottest beatz and sounds for all you HipHop and RnB producers.

Time and Space Ghetto Grooves 2
Close your eyes and let Tekniks transport you back to the 80s with this stunning fresh dance sample

Time and Space Ghetto Electro
After the release of

Time and Space Vengeance Essential House
This library is aimed at urban rnb   hip-hop producers looking for street-certified modern productio

Time and Space Urban Jointz
This definite house masterpiece contains more than 2500 fresh samples (drumloops drum sounds bass so

Time and Space House Essentials
Soulful House Sessions brings you an incredible selection of brand new soulful house samples direct

Time and Space Soulful House Sessions
Hip Hop Progressions is the latest Sample CD from Loopmasters created exclusively for Hip Hop Produc

Time and Space Hip Hop Progressions
Deep Trance and Techno is dedicated to the producers of underground Trance and Techno music worldwid

Time and Space Deep Trance and Techno
The Combinations refill from Loopmasters contains over 800Mb of content from the Origin Series range

Time and Space Combinations
From the beaches bars and clubs of Brazil Argentina and Cuba Loopmasters bring you an exclusive sele

Time and Space Afro Latin Producer
Aptly described as both fast and furious this library features aggressive live drums wild percussion

Time and Space Stark Raving Beats Xpander
Welcome to John

Time and Space Skippys Noizbox Xpander
A masterpiece of groove innovation. Bashiri Johnson (Whitney Houston Miles Davis Madonna Saturday Ni

Time and Space Ethno Techno Xpander
Electro Breaks is the freshest collection of samples for Breakbeat Electro and Breaks producers worl

Time and Space Electro Breaks
From the rhythm section of Prince and the `New Power Generation` Michael Bland and Sonny Thompson Fu

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 35 - Funk and RnB
Black Butta from EASTWEST was created by `MadJef` Taylor whose album programming credits include art

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 34 - Hip Hop and RnB 3
Orchestral Loops from Symphonic Adventures is a collection of orchestral music samples. The samples

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 33 - Orchestral Loops
Featuring ethnic loops from East West

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 32 - Ethnic Adventures
Rare Ethnic Instruments (from the producer of the multi-award winning Quantum Leap Brass collection)

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 31 - Rare Ethnic Instruments
Orchestral brass multi-samples from EastWest

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 20 - Orchestral Brass
EASTWEST bring you rhythm guitar grooves and solos from SKUNKWORKS featuring the extraordinary skill

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 17 - Guitar Licks

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 16 - Guitar and Bass
Featuring the most amazing collection of grooves and breakdowns all in a construction kit format fro

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 03 - Drum and Bass 1
EastWest bring you samples and loops from Madjefs critically acclaimed Black Butta 2 which was award

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 02 - Hip Hop and RnB 2
If youre looking for a sub-conscious state of electronic hypnotic rhythms and sounds then what you w

Time and Space Rush
This unique library includes all these charming sounds of the late 70s to the early 80s. The Pro Sam

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 55 - Retro Sampler
Club oriented up-to-date groove layouts and single drum sounds: drum   percussion grooves bass lines

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 54 - Techno 138 BPM
The Pro Samples version includes: classical piano in outstanding quality as well as an acoustic Pop

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 53 - Classical and Prepared Pianos
Ethno World Volume 2 contains rare and historical ethnic instruments from all over the world. Ethno

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 52 - World Instruments 2
New programs from Advanced Orchestra Extended Edition: Instrument Combinations each including 2 inst

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 51 - Classic Orchestra 2
Real Guitars from Pure Guitars by Yellow Tools. Real Guitars gives you the utmost control over all a

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 50 - Real Guitars
FX Area from Future FX by Ueberschall is an essential fx library for music film and webdesign. well-

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 49 - FX Area
Disco Fever from Disco De Luxe by Ueberschall contains hot stuff from smash CD Disco De Luxe - authe

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 48 - Disco Fever
DJ tested technoid material. Extended drum arrangements for professional needs. Loops lines licks fx

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 45 - Techno ID
Featuring Electric Basses from Yellow Tools Pure E-Basses vols. 1

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 44 - Real E-Basses
Featuring ready to play Drum Kits from Yellow Tools Pure Drums. This ProSamples version contains 6 h

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 43 - Real Drum Kits
Rhodes Stage Piano Velocity splits standard and chorus. Altosax Sustained (forte mezzoforte piano).

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 42 - Session Instruments
Solo instruments. Quartet Arrangement: Cello Viola and Violin combination laid out over 4 octaves. P

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 41 - Solo Strings
Produced by Marcel Barsotti for Best Service Ethno World is a sample collection that sounds incredib

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 30 - World Instruments
House jungle disco hip-hop drum

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 29 - Dance Drumloops
Powered by Mousse T a collection from Best Service that will really blow your mind. Drum

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 28 - Vocal House
This very comprehensive bass sample compilation from Best Service contains bass notes single bass hi

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 27 - Dancefloor Bass
Representing a unique variety of new RnB Hiphop styles. A Double Action CD from Best Service packed

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 26 - Nu RnB and Hip Hop
Drum samples kicks and snares claps and snaps crash and ride cymbals as well as a wide range of perc

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 15 - Dance Drums
This remarkable collection from Best Service features a wealth of traditional Latin American styles

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 14 - World Grooves
`This massive collection of quality vocal samples from Best Service brings you a vast array of Vocal

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 12 - Dance Vocals
The worlds best selling Orchestra library! Peter Siedlaczek

Time and Space ProSamples Vol 11 - Classic Orchestra
The Origin Series from Loopmasters (formerly Beatnik Samples) are mixed mode Cd roms for Mac and PC

Time and Space Drum and Bass Producer
Three Glorious Grands in one multi-platform sample-based Virtual Instrument.

Time and Space ILIO IVORY
Funky House Producer brings you the sounds from the clubs of Ibiza London Paris and New York directl

Independence is the ultimate and innovative `Sonic Workstation` for sample libraries and closes the

If you

In 2002 Rob Papen approached Peter Linsener of LinPlug with the idea of a sound-designers dream synt

Following the huge success of Albino Rob Papen has teamed up with music software developer Jon Ayres

Time and Space ROB PAPAN BLUE
Personal Orchestra contains samples of all the major instruments in a symphony orchestra-strings bra

Step into the age of Reason with the latest innovations in software synthesis.

Propellerheads Reason 3.0
Interactive games and music will delight your little one in this talking; word book that introduces

LittleTouch LeapPad Learning Software: Baby First Words
The complete Music Creator software package PLUS t

PC Music Pack Sheet Music
Music notation software that lets you create, play

Finale: PrintMusic! Sheet Music
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